"Looks like there's not enough spring rolls for all of us..."

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Two Robloxians on a Baseplate is a short made by Sombat Chhit.


Two Robloxians, named Sam, and Mike, are on a baseplate doing random things.


The short begins with the creator creating a Robloxian, naming it "Sam". Upon giving the "Humanoid" Class, it comes to life, then starts talking, wondering how he got onto the baseplate.



Voice Actor Role(s)
Speakonia Microsoft Sam Himself
Speakonia Microsoft Mike Himself
Speakonia Microsoft Mary Herself


Two Robloxians On A Baseplate
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A transcript for "Two Robloxians on a Baseplate", can be viewed here.


  1. This is Sombat Chhit's first animation.
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Two Robloxians on a Baseplate