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Season 1 is the first season of Dara Tara.

Official Description

Join the adventures of Dara and his friends and family in the wacky world of Cartoonia, an amazing, colorful world filled with fun, imagination, creativity and diversity! With tons to discover and new things to learn, Dara and his friends, Billy, Coby, and Presto, use their imaginations to help each other through friendship, feelings, and teamwork.

Characters Introduced

  1. Dara Tara
  2. Billy BunnyFunny
  3. Coby Coltron
  4. Presto Sparkling
  5. Lila Tara
  6. Tony Tara
  7. Boxy Tara
  8. Wubbzy
  9. Daizy
  10. Widget
  11. Walden
  12. Huggy
  13. Buggy
  14. Earl
  15. Kooky
  16. Wubbzy's mother
  17. Wubbzy's father
  18. Dorothy
  19. The Sparklings
  20. The Coltrons
  21. The BunnyFunnies
  22. Stinky
  23. Microsoft Sam
  24. Microsoft Mike
  25. Microsoft Mary


Screenshot Episode Title Original
release date
No. in Series No. in Season
No Screenshot
Dara's First Day
ទិវាដំបូងរបស់ដារ៉ា, ដារ៉ា!
TBA 11
Today is Dara's first day in Cartoonia, and he's out to explore the whole neighborhood, looking for new friends.
No Screenshot


  1. This is the first season of Dara Tara.