"Looks like there's not enough spring rolls for all of us..."

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Lila Tara (Khmer: លីឡា តារា) is a supporting character of Dara Tara. She is the mother of Dara and Boxy Tara, and the husband of Toni Tara.

Physical Appearance

Lila is a tall humanoid drawn in Pendleton Ward style. She has pastel-orange skin and long orange hair that goes down her waist. She wears an orange and brown princess dress, orange wristbands, and a tiara that looks similar to her oldest son's, but colored gold and has a diamond gem on it. She also wears brown high-heel shoes.


Lila is very kind, considerate and caring toward her children, but often teases and toys around with them when her love and care for them goes too far.


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Dara Tara

Season 1

  1. Dara's First Day (first appearance)


  1. During production, she was originally going to be named Lulu, but the creator changed her name to Lila for an unknown reason. She was also going to be blue-colored, but was changed to orange-colored in the final production.