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Dara Tara (Khmer: ដារា តារា) is the main protagonist and titular character of the franchise.

Physical Appearance

Dara is a small blue wuzzling with a rounded body and a bendy tail that he can control on his own. He has black eyes with gray pupils, a rounded nose, round ears, thin legs, and a two large oval-shaped feet. He appears to lack a head-body distinction. He wears a golden tiara with his name written on the front in Khmer and a red magical ruby gem on it that he can control on his own while wearing it. He appears to resemble a kitten.


Dara is an enthusiastic, kindhearted, intelligent, curious, playful, and adventurous 9-year-old and oldest child of Lila and Toni Tara. He often supports his friends whenever they need him, and is always willing to lend them a hand in need. He is shown to have a lot of interests, most notably model railroads, television shows, comic books, video games and technology. Despite being the most intelligent out of the main characters, he is also learning new things from others.

Usually Dara is a good role model, but there are times that he can be reckless and selfish, though he always learns from and usually makes up for his mistakes he does.




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Dara Tara

Season 1

  1. Dara's First Day (first appearance)


  1. He was going to be called Prince Darwin, but was changed for an unknown reason.